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Destination Toulouse

The pink city is the destination for your events!

Toulouse, the 4th city of France, is the metropolitan leader in Occitania..

Privileged natural surroundings at the heart of a communications crossroad: 150 km from the Mediterranean, 250 km from the Atlantic Ocean, 110 km from the Pyrenees ski slopes.

Skills in the research sector that are recognised worldwide:

  • No. 1 in Europe for aeronautic & spatial industries, onboard electronics and information systems (Competitiveness Cluster: Aerospace Valley)
  • No. 1 nationally in the biotechnologies, microbiology, life science, and technologies sector (Competitiveness Cluster: Bio Health Cancer)
  • 2nd research hub in France, with more than 400 laboratories and 110,000 researchers: new information technologies, healthcare sector, etc. Creation of the Research and Higher Education Cluster